"Have You Found A House Cleaning Lady In Boston That Will Go The Extra Mile"

Probably you must be tired of seeing different ladies passing by your house, but none did not attend your expectations. Now, what are the three requisites that you must know before hiring a house cleaning lady.

Cleaning List

A basic cleaning list should be provided by any cleaning service, therefore you know what to expect. Standard chores should be included, such as vacuuming, dusting, moping and wiping down the kitchen as well as cleaning the bathroom. Some services will also include making the bed, washing the dishes and cleaning light fixtures. Others will offer for an additional cost. Always ask for a list so you can compare and see what you will get for what you are paying.

Meeting The Cleaning Lady

Most people have a picture in their mind of the complete cleaning lady and most of the time this leads to disappointment. But if you have an open mind and focus on the job at hand, you will soon see just how ridiculous this was. Some people do not ever care to meet their employee for fear that if the day comes that their cleaning lady must be dismissed for a less than adequate job, they will feel no emotional ties. If you do have the opportunity to meet one of your house cleaners, she/he should be ready, pleasant, clean and willing to follow detailed instructions.

The Bathroom Will Tell

The bathroom is the most used room in the house and the least likely to get cleaned on a regular basis. The mold and mildew that collect because of the constant presence of water makes it a breeding ground for bacteria and must be disinfected decently by your house cleaners. Ask your service what type of cleaners will be used for disinfecting so you are sure that your room is disinfected well. There are many ‘green' products on the market today that do an effective job but plain water and a sponge will not remove bacteria.

A Special Cleaning Lady

Every once in a while, that extraordinary cleaning lady comes along that you have been waiting a hundred years to find. She is ready, professional and cleans things that you would never think of asking. Vacuuming vents, cleaning behind the stove and refrigerator, taking the stove apart and scrubbing or even getting a ladder out and shining that chandelier in the front hall. If you have a treasure like this, chances are you will want to become very close to someone who cares so deeply about maintaining your home. But remember, the professionalism must continue and your special cleaning lady is just doing what she has been prepared to do.


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